That heart beating like never before.

The only question I asked was


I mean that heart that did not mind to be stepped on by others for love of them nd their Saviour?

That heart that is owned by a soul that has understood the Anointed.

And would go after all for this singular purpose..

So tell me Dele…

Where is that heart?

Ha ha ha!

I was seeing someone I knew so well but unimaginably it was as though we never knew; this is one of those issues…your loved ones have to change sometimes..and how you respond to their change( whether good or bad shows how much you loved them in the first place)…yes it does…I’m not a writer..I’m trying to BLOG….it’s funny that you nd someone are “in love” today but you might not neccesarily be tomorrow …how is that real love…others think there is a greater mystery but to me…LOVE IS THE GREATEST MYSTERY.

Foolish but is this the greatest mystery? NO.

That space is kept for the Love God has for me and you..

I knew not about this love when I put that down.

God’s love would keep me loving people despite the grieviest things they do to me.

How I see God forgive the worst of sins for Love sake.

I understand love better!

Be it with:Mom,Dad,Bro,Sis,Friend,Classmate,Future spouse…whoever!! I know love better now.


I see people say:


But I think:

 Someone;the One who gave you life deserves more from you than this. .

REV4:11-Says we were created for His pleasure…

I don’t know about you but I love my mom and dad.

How much more Him; 

The one full of love He could not stand our sins not forgiven.

The one who made us holy by giving us His Spirit, so nothing could stand between us and Him.

In my life I have seen no greater love.

In serving God I say you have no choice, IT IS COMPULSORY.

2NDCOR5:15- He died so those who live should no longer unto themselves but unto Him who died for them.

Guys nd Girls.  

What do you really think?


*Birthday thoughts **

Okay sooo…2 days ago was my birthday and I thought a lot on that day so would like to share…

BOLUWATIFEDUNNI reached a certain age 2 days ago…

Few things to say…

My phone was switched off at 12AM which normally is not so, also it was for a large part of the day… the previous day I was about to die just because my phone was going to be switched off…but you know I got to charge and finally had it on for a while,,, yea yea messages,calls came as the norm.

But my lesson from this is:

1. I could actually live and be fine without those calls nd m3ssages i.e I was to have a great day whether or not I was celebrated by others (for at least, I should appreciate myself even if others don’t!) ….its the original joy that came from within…its purely original with no external influence…its the best kind and it gave me strength to do what on a normal day I won’t do…

(You know just think about it;would you actually die if all those were not part of your life?? NO!!…people are to add to our joy within and not be its primary source(I will share why this later)

2. Because my phone was majorly off and many could not get through to me, therefore many could not celebrate me well, I deduced something from there;people shouldn’t be celebrated only on their birthdays…for every day they live they should be treated with so much love…it makes the world a better place….

please do take to these…they’ll help

I love you again,